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The 西萨克拉门托消防局 has the mission of protecting life, 环境, property within the 西萨克拉门托市. 有效地完成这项任务, the Department has located five fire stations throughout the City. 这五个消防站一天24小时工作, 7 days a week with a combined staffing of 17 personnel on duty which includes a Battalion Chief to respond to all structure fires and other major emergencies providing Incident Command and Scene Management. 消防员的值班时间为48小时. 有三个工作小组被称为“班次”." In addition to the 西萨克拉门托市, the 火 Department is responsible for the unincorporated area south of the city boundary to Babel Slough Road and across to the old Arcade Station on Jefferson Blvd. The 火 Department has Automatic Aid agreements with several Yolo County 火 部门, with the City of Sacramento 火 Department. The 火 Department has three divisions, which provide a wide range of services for the community. 这些部门是: 消防管理, 紧急行动, 防火/危险材料.

ISO 1级部门

ISO代表保险海洋之神登录入口办公室. 这是一群训练有素的人, professional evaluators that evaluate municipal fire protection efforts in communities throughout the United States. 从训练到积分, 供水系统, 应急调度能力, 装置, 呼叫量, response times and more are thoroughly assessed and rated. The audits which determine the ratings occur every five years. ISO analyzes the relevant data using the 火 Suppression Rating Schedule (FSRS). The purpose of ISO is to give insurance companies a uniform system on which to base their insurance premiums. By classifying a community’s ability to suppress fires, ISO also helps the community evaluate their public fire protection services. The final rating ranges from Class 1 (superior fire protection) to 10 (minimal fire protection). Historically, very few cities receive the coveted “Class 1” rating. 在近50个,在美国各地被评为1000个城市, less than one half of 1% of cities receive a “Class 1” rating. During its 2016 audit, the 西萨克拉门托市 received a “Class 1” rating. A “Class 1A” was also awarded to the rural area, which is the highest rural rating available. As insurance companies typically utilize the classification to assist in determining premiums, the new classification has the potential for financial savings for homeowners and business owners alike.



The 西萨克拉门托消防局 has a 救生衣租借计划. The Loaner Program is for West Sacramento residents and people who work in the City. There is a $10 cash deposit for each life jacket borrowed. This deposit will be returned to you once the life jacket is returned. Life jackets are available at Station 45 Monday- Friday 8AM-5PM and may be borrowed for a maximum of three days. For more information contact 消防管理 916-617-4600.

记住,一生一世 夹克不能代替监督.



5月19日星期日上午10点半刚过, WSFD crews responded to numerous 911 calls for an apartment building explosion at 530 7th St.  在到达时, 消防人员找到了一栋2层楼的建筑, 14-unit apartment building that had sustained major damage indicative of a significant explosion.  WSFD crews performed a rapid structural assessment and check for exterior victims, worked to extinguish a grass fire to the rear of the involved structure, quickly made entry to all 14 units to check for trapped victims.  Sacramento FD responded additional units including special operations personnel, who assisted WSFD with building temporary structural shores to prevent further building collapse.  Several ambulances were requested to the scene due to the potential for numerous injuries, but fortunately only 2 minor injuries occurred and were treated at the scene.  Red Cross was requested to the scene to work with apartment complex management to find temporary housing for 34 displaced occupants.  在完成结构的支撑后, firefighters escorted occupants back into their units to retrieve essentials such as medicines, 等.  

WS Building officials responded to the scene to red-tag the involved building and ensure that an adjacent building which incurred blast damage would be repaired quickly so as to retain its occupancy.  WS 公共工程 personnel responded to provide cleanup of the significant debris field caused by this incident.  

 WSFD and WSPD units are currently working closely together to determine cause and origin of this incident.  




During this month of May, the 火 Department hosted our 21st Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Academy. The 10 graduating residents received 24 hours of training covering subjects such as fire safety, 轻型搜救, 灾难医疗行动, 一般基本灾害应对, most importantly disaster preparedness for themselves and their families. 通过他们所学到的训练, they will also now be qualified to become formal members of our CERT program to be able to assist the 火 Department and City in the event of a disaster.

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